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Incorporate Laser Coaching into your Practice


*Get to the source quickly and easily.


A 15–Week 30 hour Coaching Program – designed for therapists
who want the Board Certified Coach (BCC) designation.

NCC, LPC, LPCC, LMHC, PhD - Receive 30 CEUs
(Delivered by Teleseminar –– ALL CLASSES ARE RECORDED )


Learn HOW to Coach with Confidence and/or
Improve and Master Your Coaching Skills


"...voluminous knowledge, innate wisdom, and advanced mastery..."

Board Certified CoachLife Coaching Group's 30-hour Laser Coaching program has met stringent criteria and is accredited by the Center for Credentialing and Education (CCE) offering the Board Certified Coach (BCC) credential as a means to independently verify that applicants have met professional coaching competency standards.


Have You Already Incorporated Coaching?

  • There are many misconceptions around the distinctions between coaching and therapy.
  • While both modalities often overlap, there are times when therapy is appropriate and times when coaching makes sense.
  • Are you calling yourself a therapist and a coach but deep down questioning your grasp of coaching?
  • Learn how to use coaching effectively and efficiently.
  • Enhance your therapy expertise by incorporating coaching techniques.


As a result of this 30 hour program, you will:

  • Know the value of coaching and know exactly when and how to use coaching
  • Establish more meaningful coaching relationships and generate more referrals
  • Actually see results and progress in record time
  • Build more confidence and competence as a coach
  • Learn how to say what you need to say without fear of losing your client
  • Heighten awareness of your strengths and feel more authentic
  • Learn proven tips and techniques so you can move the conversation forward and keep it flowing without resorting to 'tried and true' therapy techniques

Coach Marion FranklinJust wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your teaching style and how quickly the two hours pass – I may have initially taken this course for the BCC certification, but I have to tell you, learning the nuances of coaching is one of the more enjoyable things I have done in a while.

Would absolutely recommend this program. Marion was so enthusiastic, knowledgeable and dedicated with great material and right on examples that made the material easy to understand and put into use –– gained so much personally, as well as professionally in a very short time! Mentor Marion Franklin
Dr. Carol Drury, PhD, NCC, CRC–R, &

All practitioners should consider this training for professional and personal growth! Thank you for one of the best trainings that I have experienced.

Marion's teaching style and format for the training is phenomenal! It allows for professional growth in the field and an understanding in your personal life that one does not anticipate prior to this experience. I have already recommended this program to many colleagues.

Most importantly, it will help your client's to shift and move forward when they are able to understand their own truth and purpose with confidence. This training is an investment that is priceless when it comes to new possibilities, and happier lives with a sense of hope and purpose!
Sophia Moore, MS, LPC, NCC, DCC, AGAPE and Moore Counseling

Marion, your extensive wealth of information and experience made for such a rich entree into the field of coaching. I wish my master's in counseling education had this same kind of clarity and strategies for working with human dilemmas in more collaborative and non–pathological ways. I love all the assertive skills you taught, demonstrated and write about in Life's Little Lessons.

Your command of communication and language and being able to teach is a real gift to the field. And I love how you are able to integrate your spiritual and personal growth without sounding ooga–booga. The division of the Self and Ego as presented in the training resonates beautifully with my spiritual perspective. There is a fine edge there for some people and you walk it well.

Yes, this is one of the richest of trainings I have been in for a while, further focusing the internal aperture of my life, my work with clients, and being human in general. I was meant to take this training from you! You are an excellent teacher, a great mentor and role model for this work. I appreciate how you gave more than 100% of yourself and how generous you are with all these teaching materials you have created. Thank you, Marion!
Penelope Simpson, NCC, LCMHC

As a therapist, do you want to incorporate coaching techniques? Then it's time to get a REAL understanding of how true coaching works.:

I really appreciate your support. Honestly, this course was better than most face–to–face counseling courses I've had in the past. I appreciate you making the course feel intimate and non–intimidating. I also appreciate the wealth of material and your knowledge. I didn't feel as if there was someone just spitting information at me. I felt like you wanted me to learn –– and that fueled my enthusiasm for learning beyond the information you could give in the time we had together. Thank you.
Tasha Martin, LPC, BCC candidate

I would highly recommend this course for anyone interested in advancing their skills as the content was excellent. As a licensed professional counselor in private practice, I was surprised to learn how many skills could be applied from day one into my counseling sessions! I can't express the degree of warmth, professionalism and knowledge (and a keen wit and sense of humor) that Marion brought to the classes.
Susan Beggan Paganie, LPC, NCC Heart To Heart Psychotherapy

Learn Laser Coaching in Laser Sessions in Laser Time


What is Laser Coaching and Why Bother?*

––Laser means getting to the source or root quickly.

––Laser coaching is defined as a specialized coaching technique and approach that promotes quick alignment, a rapid sense of relief, and a way of quickly unblocking someone who may have felt stuck in their way of thinking for a long time. (Thomas Leonard, 2002. Laser coaching, Class #008.)

––It does not necessarily shorten the coaching time but it does make each coaching session more effective and efficient.

Stop wasting time figuring out where to go with the client, what to ask. Learn how to recognize the 'essence' and get the client moving forward easily and skillfully.

––The most common MISperception is that it means short, quick coaching sessions. Actually, that is a BY–PRODUCT of efficient and effective lasering –– not the goal.

Using laser coaching allows you to go deeper rather than broader, thereby staying more focused, maximizing the time, and creating long–lasting change.

Thank you so much for teaching this course Marion! Your understanding of counseling and ability to show the distinctions between coaching and counseling was incredible. Coaching is an amazing field and the skills I learned will truly be valuable in both coaching and counseling relationships. Thank you for your time, dedication, and expertise.
Jessica Hallam, MS, LCPC, LPC, NCC

Mentor Session Snapshot: Listen to an excerpt of a coaching conversation followed by individual feedback from participants (10 minutes total).

download as MP3

"An expert knows the subject very well. A model teaches by showing instead of just telling." by Thomas Leonard
This describes Marion's style of mentoring and teaching the Laser Coaching program.

This has been an outstanding introduction to the coaching method and it addresses many fundamental and important issues that confront the novice/beginner without being reduced to an oversimplification. The material is comprehensive and thorough with the opportunity for revision of the classes available in my own time. Marion's personal attention to the individual requirements and the needs of each participant is outstanding.
Jay Levin MA (Clin. Psych), LMHC, NCC

The BCC laser coaching training was outstanding. I found myself anticipating and enjoying every minute of every class. Marion is masterful in her instruction about, and engagement in, direct communication.
Maureen Gross, CAGS, NCC

Why This Course is a Great Choice For You:

  • Individualized small group attention
    Every need and question is addressed so you will not be lost in a mass of people feeling frustrated.
  • Accelerate your learning process
    In 30 hours, you will experience content–rich skill lessons and supervised practice.
  • You will not be left hanging
    Individual support and supervision is available during and after the course.
  • Highly experiential and interactive classes
    Actually experience the learning through stories, metaphors, real–life client examples, and shared participation. Practice actual coaching relationships right from the start. You will be coaching from the first class on.
  • Cost effective quality training
    Get exactly what you need without wasting time and money. This program is exceptionally content rich and will provide in–depth material not found anywhere else such as strategies, defenses, and threats.
  • Extremely flexible schedule
    Classes meet on the telephone based on participant's availability. (Your scheduling requests are factored in.)
  • Unique teaching style
    Learn coaching from a teaching approach with stop and start explanations at every opportunity. Understand what makes coaching effective and eliminate the guess–work.
  • Short on time–commitment, long on results
    Only 30 hours once per week for 2 hours.

The entire program was strong. The class is well organized and Marion keeps everyone on task. Her knowledge and experience is quite apparent and carries the class.
Ruth Conboy, LPC NCC


(Note: The overall theme of the testimonials is about confidence
and the advantages of small class size.)

Why did I design this program?

This coaching program was initially created when I realized that I can't be the only coach who feels stuck in a coaching conversation, or insecure, or worried about the value I was delivering, rather than focusing on how the client was doing. And with my unique background as a high school teacher, blended with my decade of coaching experience, the course is designed to not only show you what coaching looks, sounds, and feels like, but to teach you HOW TO coach.

Once I discovered some very simple, powerful techniques and tools, and most importantly a particular, unique approach and "The" QUESTION to hold in mind* during every coaching conversation, coaching became effortless and the fear of not knowing where to go or the feeling that I wasn't delivering enough value disappeared. Thiscourse is purposely affordable and customized because it fits with my mission of raising the quality of coaching by helping as many coaches as possible. I love supporting new(er) coaches as they incorporate these advantages and shortcut the learning curve to become masterful and successful MUCH sooner. (HIGHLY individualized attention.)

I want to thank you for sharing your best information––I know that it is hard won, many years of training and research, and feel like you are very generous in sharing what you have and giving us so much good material. I felt the caring for your profession and love for your clients/the work behind this class. I am really happy I landed with you.

Your expertise and content of program were very strong and really good information. Feel like you are giving your best information and experience. I feel this is better info than I had during my graduate program. Great class, Marion. Really, really loved it.
Doreen Desmond, MS, LMHC


A one–of–a–kind document –– 30 of THE most common THEMES of all coaching conversations.

With this list of themes, you will know exactly what is needed to help a client make a permanent change in their perspective. It will keep you out of the details and into masterful coaching no matter how little or how much experience you have.

Remember in school when you had to write a book report? The teacher wanted you to separate the plot (what happens in the story) from the theme (what the story is about). It's the same for coaching and this is like having a 'cheat sheet' to make it easy.


All classes meet on a conference telephone line. All classes are recorded (and downloadable) so that you will have a permanent record.
15 Weeks are devoted to theory, skills and techniques (all experiential learning) and will meet for 2 hours once a week including supervised practice by Marion Franklin, MCC.


NEXT CLASS: Please contact me for information
RESERVE NOW – Last two classes sold out.

Total time for the course = 30 hours – CCE offers BCC credential at end of 30 hours The focus of the program is on masterful coaching skills and techniques employing the ICF and BCC Core Competencies.
Following the 15 week training, the Mentor Practicum group is an option to deepen the learning and continue to practice coaching skills while earning CEUs (as required by CCE to maintain the BCC credential).

NEXT COURSE: Please contact me. –– Reserve NOW. Please contact me as soon as possible to get specific information and make a reservation.


The price for the entire package is $1,495 at the start OR it can be paid out in installments: $760 (2 payments)
One Payment = $1,495     2 Payments Subscription ($760 each)



SEE "For Those Who Love to Know the DETAILS" below

How This Course is DIFFERENT From the Others

It distinguishes itself from other programs because the lessons are taught through stories, metaphors, and real client examples, lots of VERY individualized attention, and emphasis is placed on producing permanent change. This is a substantial program with NO FLUFF of any kind and coaches truly learn to coach with confidence even before the program is completed. (Read Testimonials) This course continually pulls all of the learning together rather than the typical compartmentalized instruction. There are practice lessons built into the program that contain teaching while offering an opportunity for trying out coaching in a safe and supportive environment with immediate, relevant feedback.

For 8 weeks, you will be in an actual coaching relationship with someone not in your immediate group. This is in addition to practice time with your peers outside of the structured time.


I would be happy to address them and put you in touch with any participant who has completed the program or who has attained ICF certification after completing the program. Please contact me by e–mail or by phone (listed at the end of the page). LOTS of nitty gritty details below.

For those who love to know the details…

Outline of the program
You will learn THE most important questions to hold in your consciousness while coaching as well as:

  • How to uniquely listen to clients and let clients know they have been heard.
  • How to interpret what the client is saying and not saying.
  • The art of asking thought–provoking questions.
  • The art of laser coaching and getting to the root quickly.
  • The art of creating metaphors and images that help both the client and the coach.
  • How to keep from getting stuck in the details.
  • How to stay out of 'fix–it' mode.
  • How to create permanent changes –– not temporary band–aid solutions
  • How to monitor, process, and handle what is going on in YOUR mind while coaching.
  • How and when to ask for and get permission to proceed.
  • How to reframe what the client is saying so that a SHIFT occurs.
  • How to find the leverage point and create permanent shifts.
  • Understand the different types of shifts and paradigms that client's experience, when they occur, and how to use them to the client's advantage.
  • How to spot inconsistencies and patterns that sabotage a client's progress.
  • The overall 'rules' and guidelines for good coaching.
  • The points to remember and be aware of when coaching.
  • What great coaches do so that their coaching is of the highest quality.
  • The biggest mistakes new(er) coaches make that sabotage a successful practice.
  • How to assess whether or not the client is coachable.
  • Learn about the defenses, threats, and strategies clients use and feel that can undermine their success.
  • Learn about the different structural frameworks.
  • How to handle a shared belief between coach and client.
  • Learn about clients' self–invalidations and how to understand underlying motives more fully.
  • Learn the necessary ingredients for successful coaching.

Included: Clean Sweep Assessment; NeedLESS Program*
For the description, significance, and purpose…


Coaching is designed for those who want to improve or make changes in their lives – go from good to excellent, and to help people become their best. The course will help you gain greater clarity and understanding of the structures at play which prohibit a client's growth and effectiveness and then how to help clients attain their vision. It follows the Structural Alignment™ method of coaching.

*Structural Alignment™=Aligning truth, vision, and purpose

A little bit about Marion:

Marion FranklinAfter taking many personal development workshops and classes, I found out that all of the transformations I was observing were happening through a process called coaching. When the facilitator said that he would teach us how to do what he was doing – I was the first one to sign up! I was SO curious to find out how he could figure things out about people as quickly and accurately as he did. He would ask a few questions, make some comments, and next thing I knew people were thinking entirely differently.

After coach training and eventually co–facilitating, I noticed some missing pieces and created a 4–week teleclass to fill in the gaps. That course is now integrated in the "Laser Coach Your Way to Sustainable Success" program. After a decade of coaching and as a Certified Master Coach (MCC) through the International Coach Federation (ICF), I am still as passionate and enthusiastic as when I started. For my full bio, click here: About Marion


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Clean Sweep Assessment: An easy–to–complete Assessment that looks at physical environments, well–being, relationships, and money. After taking the assessment, you may use it as a great starting tool with your clients to help pin–point aspects that need addressing and/or coaching.

NeedLESS Program: One of THE most powerful, life–altering programs. It examines underlying personal needs that usually manifest as negative behaviors when not met. The program is all about identifying personal needs and then finding ways to get them filled leading to a greater sense of fulfillment and happiness.

Both of these help with getting rid of distractions and finding out what holds you back from your greatness.

*All programs are best used with clients AFTER the coach has personally experienced them first–hand.