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Life Coach Marion Franklin

I was introduced to Marion's program, Laser Coach Your Way to Sustainable Success: A 12 week Intensive, and FINALLY found what I had been missing. As a coach that initially went through a prominent coaching school, two and half years later I was still looking for a foundation to coaching that was lacking from my training. In my attempt to fill in the holes, I tried a few other programs that promised a comprehensive approach, but I ended up very disappointed with the outcomes.

Marion's program is not only one I would recommend to a new coach, as it offers every foundational element required to be a coach, but is one I would recommend to ANY coach that seeks mastery of the craft.

I am very pleased to say that my coaching has improved, but what I am really excited about is the change in my confidence level. This program has given me a whole new approach to coaching along with the skills that were lacking from my coaching school and subsequent trainings.

Graduating from Marion's program is going to make the biggest difference in my business and in my life, and is the ONLY COACHING PROGRAM I FULLY RECOMMEND. It is a "don't miss" if you are serious about making coaching a career. Thanks Marion for everything!

Melissa Jean Quiter, NLP

Life Coach Marion Franklin

The Laser Coaching Intensive course is a gem. It really should be a required course for anyone considering a career in coaching or wanting to elevate their coaching skills.

Even after taking extensive coach training previously, the Laser Coaching Intensive really brought it all together for me, from understanding the concepts behind masterful coaching to learning exactly what to do and say in a coaching conversation to create awareness and shifts in perspective with the client. I'm seeing a huge improvement in the effectiveness of my coaching conversations with my clients.

The strongest part of the program for me was the attention and instruction on how to really find the underlying limiting belief and how to communicate that to the client in a way they can hear and understand. I really appreciated the way the course illustrated the flow of a successful coaching conversation in terms of the ICF core competencies to really lay out a blueprint of what a successful coaching conversation looks like. I really was grateful that the course was both conceptual, teaching us the concepts of listening, themes, structures and needs and also instructional with the specific details and demonstrations of how to apply those concepts in a coaching conversation effectively.Thank you!

Valerie Liberty, ACC, Weight Loss Coach

Life Coach Marion FranklinMarion really knows how to coach and she's great at teaching it. Her skills and insights along with her experience, makes her an excellent teacher and mentor coach. I looked into so many coaching programs before choosing Marion and I'm so glad I found her. I think her method of teaching is unique.

She creates a very safe environment to learn and involves everyone in the class. Instead of teaching a lot of theory, she gets down to the basic skills, but teaches you how to do it on a master coach level.

Vibeke Schurch, Career Coach

Life Coach Marion Franklin

The program gives coaching a new meaning and enabled me to apply the training that I already had and take it to a masterful level. The program is unique in that it brought depth, meaning, and color to coaching and really brought it to life. The skills and the practice that the program focused on are those skills that will separate the truly gifted coaches, the truly masterful coaches, from everyone else.

The program is built around an incredibly profound, yet often overlooked question and approach, and that alone had an instant impact on my ability to be a better coach. It gave me a lot of clarity and led to a deeper understanding of what coaching is all about.

I am confident that my clients experience dramatic shifts much sooner because of applying the core principles of the program. One learning point alone is capable of making an incredible difference.

Melissa Kreiling, Strategy Coach, TurningPoint Strategies

Life Coach Marion Franklin

My confidence has grown by leaps and bounds. Before this class, I didn't know how much I needed to learn, and I didn't realize how much I doubted my abilities.

Your real life examples were very strong, and well placed. You went through the topics in a very natural progression and were very thorough. You were very generous with your encouragement, and I felt like you truly wanted to see me succeed.

I also really enjoyed the fact that there was such a small class size. Being able to create a bond with the other students and not feel like I was taking up too much time with my questions was very supportive on this sometimes bumpy journey.

I can now say with ease: I am a life coach! Thank you so much for all of your support, wisdom, and encouragement!

Rebecca Ross

Life Coach Marion Franklin

I strongly recommend this course. For me it was of particular benefit as the techniques taught are literally from a different coaching school of thought and that has plugged what I felt were holes in my training, given me more permission and expanded my skill as a coach.

My clients noticed the difference in my coaching within the first two weeks.

Perhaps most importantly what I have gained from the course has bolstered my coaching confidence and helps me step out and take this into the world.

Randi Buckley, Leadership and Relationship Systems Coach

Life Coach Marion Franklin

Choosing the 'Laser Coach Your Way to Success' program has been the best decision I could have made to launch my career as a life coach. As I researched courses, it was important to me to take a course that had ICF accreditation. This course has to be one of the finest values available for like-minded serious students.

In our small classes we have unprecedented access to Marion so that we can internalize the concepts, practice the competencies, and clarify our understanding every time we meet. Two delightfully unexpected benefits of the small group size have been opportunity for reflection and personal growth and development of a bond between fellow students as we practice and support each other's success.

Marion shows an obvious real interest in teaching her students to be successful coaches. She freely shares insights from her own successful practice.

Not only do we benefit from learning coaching skills but we gain tools to assist in creating our own successful coaching businesses. I am absolutely delighted to have the opportunity to learn from such a talented coach and educator.

Patricia Fountain, CEO at Advance Coaching
Advance Coaching & Training, Inc.

Life Coach Marion Franklin

I was very impressed and happy with Marion's program. I went in as a new coach and left the program fully confident and capable to start my own practice. Now at this point I have five paying clients.

It was quite an experience to not only learn valuable coaching tools and resources, but to also gain great insight and knowledge from a Master Coach that has her own full and ongoing practice. She is a great inspiration and I was honored to learn a lot from her and her assistant Kirsten.

Laurel K. LaFone, Charlotte, NC

The methodology and style of teaching was the strongest part. It was exceptional for me. Marion has the ability to communicate and teach the wonderful tools so we got it clearly without everything being bogged down in 'theory' or 'psychology.' Marion, you are a gifted teacher.

Overall the laser approach was most significant. If you get the importance of staying out of the details and getting to the 'deeper truth' quickly, lasting results can happen immediately.

The course is a brilliant concept and well presented. I believe it could be valuable for anyone who is in relationship with others . . . not only coaches.

Sharon Clarke, Life Coach

Life Coach Marion Franklin

I absolutely loved this program. The classes were beyond my expectations. Even though I was a seasoned therapist, I didn't know how to coach. Marion took me from the ground up, focusing on skill development and getting to the core issue.

I loved the individualized attention and the intensive supervision. My confidence and my skills grew exponentially!

Lisa Landry, Ph.D., Life Coach

Life Coach Marion Franklin

Terrific class for all coaches; those already coaching, new coaches and those who want to get into coaching. Each week you learn something new and can practice and see what you have learned in action at the practice calls.

And everything that you learn is what you will use in your coaching. There is no wasted learning. The instructors, Marion Franklin and her assistant, Kirsten Allen are the best. If you have a chance to take this course, take It!

Bob Hill, Certified Holistic Life Coach

Life Coach Marion Franklin

Marion is masterful! She has an enormous amount of knowledge and wisdom and I loved participating in this course. Having an instructor and teaching assistant (who is phenomenal) gives you two perspectives - very valuable. I wished the course was longer because it definitely had a huge impact in my abilities as a coach.

Peggy Alvarado, BA, CEC, PCC, Certified Life Coach

Life Coach Marion Franklin

Thank you for everything--your teaching, your patience, your honesty. Your teaching has many layers--I'm still learning from you, still uncovering insights...still discovering the gift of your teaching. This course is intense and hands-on. Students learn, observe, and practice Life Coaching. We didn't just talk about life coaching, we lived it. Marion conveys a wealth of experiential knowledge.

I have learned so much because of you! Marion, the path of my life has been profoundly altered for the better because of you. With deep appreciation and life long gratitude,

Maggie Ash, Life Coach

Life Coach Marion Franklin

Laser Coaching Course is designed with 3 key components of learning: Education, Exposure to many coaching styles, and Experience coaching in class, mentor calls, and with pro bono client and receiving developmental feedback. Unique storytelling style used to teach key ICF core competencies - (Marion has a true gift of storytelling!) Marion models masterful coaching and uses the coaching skills to teach by the Socratic method.

THANK YOU for your sincere commitment to helping coaches continue on their personal and professional development journey. You're a great teacher, storyteller, mentor, coach and role model. Love the learning!

Deborah K. Mangum, M.Ed., Mangum Partners, LLC

Life Coach Marion Franklin

The Laser Coaching course enabled me to acquire additional coaching skills necessary to facilitate a meaningful shift for my clients. Marion's expertise and experience as an instructor were impeccable, and her skill in delivery of coaching methodology supported my own personal and professional shifts.

Introduction to the roles of themes and structures provided a framework for identifying important concepts and client belief systems, and weekly practice in applying laser coaching language to address client belief systems and behavior patterns immediately impacted my coaching... and my confidence. Feedback was consistently candid, objective and supportive.

Susan Murrell Castaneda, Certified Equine Assisted Personal Leadership Coach
Equine Alchemy Southwest

Life Coach Marion Franklin

Along the way, there have been powerful people who have forever changed the direction of my life. Marion, is one of those people. She is a master of holding the greater truth in mind, and as a by-product, creating sustainable change.

Marion's teaching of her 'Getting Started' classes offered more learning on the 'How To' of coaching than any other classes I had ever taken. Those courses have now ebbed into Laser Coach Your Way to Sustainable Success, and it continues to offer the best in coach training. It is the only coaching program that has very individualized attention with built-in follow up as well as the experience of letting participants build skills and learn masterful coaching through exceptionally interactive exercises.

It is a true gift to experience Marion's mastery as a coach. My coaching has grown by leap and bounds, and conversations that used to be sticky and uncomfortable are now effortless. My business has doubled, and I'm attracting desirable clients and am now coaching national organizations thanks to my confidence and skills fostered by Marion's techniques.

The return on my investment is priceless. I have gained confidence and awareness and continue to develop through Marion's Mentor group. Marion offers the whole package as a place to grow and develop as a coach and a space to hone and master coaching and business skills. It has greatly changed my coaching, business, and life for the better.

Kirsten Allen, Personal and Business Coach K.Allen and Company

Life Coach Marion Franklin

At some point in your career, this is a 'must-take' course. If you are intentional, you will absolutely improve skills and upgrade your capacity to coach anyone on anything.

The instruction and as-you-coach mentoring is outstanding.

Gary Wood, PCC, Executive Coach, G.E.Wood and Associates

Life Coach Marion Franklin

Marion takes your coaching skill to a new and revolutionary level utilizing her natural inquisitiveness and her authenticity. I can't recommend Marion's education enough for coaches who specifically want to shorten their call time while increasing your powerfulness as a coach to your clients. I don't know any education out there than takes you through such a gentle and rapid transformation into what is truly 'Life and Business Coaching.'

When you stated in the beginning of class this would be an experiential journey, I had no idea JUST how true that statement was. You taught us how to listen authentically to others and ourselves. The methods and techniques you teach in this class are exceptional.

You have taken us each by the hand and have taught us how to honor another's journey, how to have compassion and understanding, how to lovingly see through the stories, ours and others, while truly embracing our own uniqueness. Of course, I wouldn't forget the all powerful to create a loving space for someone to grow in.

On a more personal note...all my relationships are better because of what you have taught (and I thought they were great before). Thank you for helping me see exactly how exciting life can really be... You are a treasure!

Kathy Brandon, Relationship, Family and Financial Coaching Services

Life Coach Marion Franklin

Marion is an enormously skilled mentor coach and teacher. She brings her wide experience, keen insight, and exquisite timing to every call. Marion can pinpoint the most important issues and treat them with the seriousness they deserve. At the same time, she has a light, humorous tone that can reduce tensions and facilitate shifts in beliefs and attitudes.

Marion is also amazing because even though she is a seasoned coach, she demonstrates humility. And what's even more remarkable is that she has a way of teaching you how to do the same. I found her mentoring groups and coach training courses tremendously valuable.

Don H. Morris, Life Coach, Encouragement Plus Coaching

Life Coach Marion Franklin

Marion's LASER Coaching class rocked my world! As a holistic exercise physiologist and nutritional coach, it is imperative that I address the whole person in order for them to succeed. Life coaching was the missing link to my practice.

Everything from the material covered to the mentor sessions to the practice calls were priceless. I now feel completely confident preparing for my ICF certification exam. Thank you Marion for your valuable experience, information, and honest feedback.

Stephanie Bell, Life Coach, M.A., NSCA-CPT

Life Coach Marion Franklin

I came to the course as a total novice and by the end of the 12 weeks, I feel as though I can coach effectively. I was somewhat unsure of taking a course over the telephone, however the program provided a very rich learning environment and classes are structured in a way that made them easy to follow, very interactive, and fun. Classes were well thought out and made it effortless to grasp the material being taught.

The 12 weeks are intense, but this allows for full immersion into the material. Additionally, there is a lot of hands on experience in terms of coaching practice. By the end of the course, you are fully prepared to start a coaching practice.

Claudine Arthurs, Life Coach

Life Coach Marion Franklin

I was looking for a way to go deeper when coaching clients and this class gave me the tools to do it. Besides learning about coaching concepts and theory, I was able to put them into practice immediately during the practice and mentor calls.

Getting immediate feedback on my coaching was extremely helpful and my ability to help clients hone in on deeper themes improved significantly.

I also enjoyed the small class size that created a very rich learning environment. I definitely would recommend this to anyone looking to build their coaching skills. Thank you!

Janine Friedman, Life Coach

Life Coach Marion Franklin

This class has had a dramatic impact on the way I approach each client, getting beyond their story to the deeper places which are almost craving clarity and movement. This is so much more than moving someone to action, it is helping them clear the clutter on their path which frees them to run to their future and dance in the discovery of their potential.

Marion provided top notch coach training and mentoring as I was preparing for my next level of credentialing. She is an incredible trainer, making sure that all in the class are involved in what is being shared. She has an extensive background in the wide field of personal coaching and brings all of that to her work with her clients. I learned so much from her and continue to use it on a daily basis. I look forward to working with her in the future.

I am delighting in what it feels like to 'dance' with a client in their purposeful journey.

Sandra Wimpelberg, –– Your Coach for LIFE

Life Coach Marion Franklin

If you want to become a life coach or are already a coach, I strongly recommend this course.

The approach taught by Marion is amazing. The ability for the coach to reach the understanding of the client's real needs is unparalleled. All of this is accomplished with a feeling of compassion.

Sunney Lynch, Life Coach

Life Coach Marion Franklin

After completing a valuable core curriculum, 120 hour training at a prominent school, I chose to attend Marion’s Laser Coaching program because I wanted to further expand my ability to hone in on a client's situation in a simple, yet expert way, and that is just what her course has enabled me to do without the added tricks and "shtick" from other schools.

I benefited from Marion’s wisdom, humor, and no-nonsense style of teaching, as well as the sharing and added perspectives from my fellow classmates, who were each accomplished in their own rights in academia, business and life. Adding this training to my cache of experience was a great use of my time and money, and I am glad I made the choice to do it! Thank you, Marion!

Melissa Suey, Career and Leadership Coaching and Training Red Sky Leadership

Life Coach Marion Franklin

I found the material covered in this class directly applicable to my own coaching practice and was able to immediately utilize some of what I learned with my current clients. I noticed both Marion's and Kirsten's deep knowledge of the material and their commitment to teaching it well. I observed a lot of patience by both teachers when listening to both simple comments as well as beginner coaches struggling to learn how to coach. Kudo's on that!!! Add personal growth to the roster of added value for me.

Since learning more about listening for strategies & defenses, themes, and structures, I have noticed an undeniable improvement in my coaching. My clients are experiencing more and deeper connections with who they really are, how they really think and why they may be behaving in certain ways. It is not because I am telling them! It is clearly because I am listening for these components and formulating my questions from this knowledge of what to listen for. Your tutelage/mentoring has made a great difference in my effectiveness as a coach.

The tone that was set for the class was great and allowed me to feel safe making myself vulnerable, an area of development I felt I did very well with as I did not feel judged by anyone. The class was most valuable and I will recommend it to anyone that may be in need of more coach training or the need for CCEU's for ICF requirements. Thank you both very much for your expertise. A satisfied participant for sure!

Stewart E. Berman, PCC Personal, Business and Mentor Coach

Life Coach Marion Franklin

Marion is a truly gifted coach and she has a systematic way of teaching that is more detailed and specific than the coach training I had done prior. She has some easy tips that make a huge difference, like what kind of questions to ask and how much silence to leave.

My favorite part was her detailed method of identifying the client's leverage point and what to do about it to help them make a shift. Also her focus on truly getting out of the story is extremely important, and it's on my mind all the time as I continue to hone my coaching skills.

Sara Lujan, Life Coach

Life Coach Marion Franklin

The Laser Coaching Course changed my life!
I came to this course with no prior experience as a coach and after just 12 weeks had the skills to launch my business and begin coaching with confidence!

I also gained a ton of personal insight into how I show up in the world. I sleep much better at night thanks to Marion and the Life Coaching Group.

Denise Simon, Acting and Life Coach
Email: Denise

Life Coach Marion Franklin

Marion's Laser coaching class isn't just a class; it's her gift to the coaching world. She gives you her knowledge, wisdom, support and attention. The commitment and knowledge of the instructors gave me every opportunity to understand and process new information.

As a new or seasoned coach, you remember that the art of listening is the key to connecting with people. I came away from this experience with skills, tools, and a foundation of how to coach.

Stephanie Jansse, MS, Life Coach

Life Coach Marion Franklin

Whether you are new to coaching or a seasoned coach seeking additional training, the Laser Coaching course provides instruction and in-depth emphasis on core concepts of coaching. The small group hands-on practice with expert guidance and critique was especially helpful.

One of the unexpected benefits was learning a new approach for my own personal relationships. If you give this intensive course the time required, you will receive amazing benefit.

Dale Carter, author and owner

Life Coach Marion Franklin

Marion's class really helped me learn how to coach and not just about what coaching is. With her excellent teaching, demonstrating, and affirming abilities it made the class extremely informative, useful and enjoyable.

Excellent teaching and presentation of info and ideas; Excellent examples/ demonstrations of coaching; Excellent at including every single person every single class; excellent at conveying that it is doable to become a good coach

Cheryl Cope, Christian Life and Wellness Coach

Life Coach Marion Franklin

This course went beyond all my expectations! Marion has designed a course that provides you with knowledge, practice and resources to really set you on your path as a coach. I learned the foundations of coaching as well as advanced coaching techniques which I will always consider invaluable as a life coach

Marion and Kirsten go above and beyond as they teach and mentor you during this 12 week intensive course. I felt they were dedicated and committed to my learning and taking away great coaching skills and that they were genuinely interested in my growth as a coach and a person. Whether you are just starting out or an experienced coach do not miss taking this course!

Jackie Morris, Life Coach

Life Coach Marion Franklin

Since going through Marion's program, my life will never be the same and coaching is certainly the right fit for me. Although notes and the 'technical' part is important and necessary, the part that really got me into learning the coaching is the interactive learning through examples, observing, actual coaching, and client scenarios.

Putting the learned techniques into action is a strong part of this program and therefore the small class size was a great benefit. The different aspects of learning to listen was big for me and will be very helpful in my coaching and all of my relationships.

I learned what I needed to know to facilitate others to get to the place where they want to go. I have always had a passion to help empower others and now I am doing that. Thank you so much.

Tammy Rempel, Divorce Recovery & Relationship Coach

Life Coach Marion Franklin

As a new coach with little experience this course has provided me with a good foundation to further develop and enhance my coaching skills. It has provided me not only with new concepts and ways of thinking about the coaching relationship but also opportunities to practice.

The learning was very experiential and facilitated self insight and growth. It has taught me to see the 'bigger picture' and a way of providing tremendous value to clients by 'lasering' to the heart of the matter as the client creates and designs actions for herself/himself.

Marion puts her heart and soul into her work and that she is very knowledgeable and the ultimate professional.

Luke Gagne, LCMHC, CEAP, Work/Life Coach

Life Coach Marion Franklin

There were so many awesome parts to this program. The supporting materials are a terrific resource but
the experience of:
--being guided through the coaching process,
--listening to other coaches as they practice, and
--having an experienced coach highlight the most important 'nuggets'

created an invaluable training opportunity.

Cindy Laurence, Life Coach

Life Coach Marion Franklin

I arrived at Marion’s course with no prior formal coaching training.
From the get-go the Laser Coaching Program focuses on the real cut and thrust of coaching: How do you help the client experience a genuine shift in how they view a situation? How do you set about to create the space for a client to think, hold the agenda walk them through the process step-by-step. No hype. No BS. Just the step-by-step process of how to peel the onion, if you will, and always in a deliberately, kind and compassionate manner. Sounds easy but it’s hard to do.

Marion’s laser coaching program will give you all of the coaching basics. Her Mentor call will give you an additional invaluable opportunity to continue to learn, grow and practice. Together they provide a powerful learning experience.

Marion Franklin is a coach’s coach – a master operating at the top of her game. She comes with a top- flight coaching pedigree, having worked directly with Thomas Leonard. Marion also cares greatly about helping people which shines through in many ways and you cannot fake this stuff. It has been a privilege and an honor to study with her, know her and to have her as a mentor.

If you’re really serious about wanting to become a coach and want to get right to the heart of what coaching is really all about, then sign up for this program – now.

Steve Kaplan Kaplan Coaching and Consulting

Life Coach Marion Franklin

Marion is an outstanding teacher. Her open-mindedness and willingness to connect with and encourage her students is completely evident. This course is of tremendous value and I strongly recommend it.

With completion of this course, I, without doubt, know the value of living by example through Marion's teachings.

Natalie May Bolger, Life Coach

Life Coach Marion Franklin

Marion demystifies the coaching process, providing clear tools and structures that instill confidence because they create great results.

The course you teach really delivers what it promises and stands alone on its own!

Lorna Sass, Transformational Life Coach

Life Coach Marion Franklin

I signed up for the Laser Coaching Intensive as a part of my ICF recertification requirements and received an even greater result. Marion's voluminous knowledge, innate wisdom, and advanced mastery of both the profession of coaching and 'beingness' in life was a true honor to experience.

The materials were intensely spot-on and the way the course was created, engaging deeply in the process was hugely beneficial. I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to learn more at this level of coaching excellence.

Bill Campbell, PCC. Life Coach

Life Coach Marion Franklin

I loved Marion’s class!! I learned so much and now have a lot more confidence in my own skills as a coach. The information and examples were so valuable and practical.

I also loved Marion’s rigor as a facilitator – she is highly skilled and brings a wealth of experience and information to her students. I cannot recommend her Laser Class highly enough. TAKE IT. It is worth your time and the investment.

Karen Beals, ACC

Just want to tell you how much I am enjoying your course. I've taken a lot of different types of trainings but nothing quite as 'real' as yours, and the material is so fascinating. Master Coach Marion Franklin

I am so very grateful for your incredibly competent and dynamic presentation and for your remarkable way of providing necessary feedback without being critical or shaming. This is the most effective environment for learning. Also, it doesn't hurt that you have a beautifully pitched voice!
Diane Drinker, Life Coach in Training

Life Coach Marion Franklin

Marion, I just thought this was an amazing course and exceeded all of my expectations. You are a gifted teacher and mentor. My self-awareness identity and understanding of myself shifted much more than I had expected. This course had a tremendous influence on shifting my perceptions of myself.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of this wonderful class. I thank you for continuing to teach and pass on the wisdom and integrity of Thomas Leonard in such a remarkable, humble, honest, and genuine way..

Karen Proctor. LMSW, Life Coach

After taking numerous coaching seminars and classes, I thought I knew what to do, but still not how to do it. Marion's class bridged the gap and tied it all together. Through a combination of education and practice in a safe environment, I came away with the skills and confidence to coach. If you are looking to learn "How" to coach, this is the class for you.

Scott Lehmann, Business Coach

The small teleclass format gave me the individual attention I needed; I didn't feel lost in a sea of other callers. Your teaching methods fit the needs of the individual student, by providing written materials along with your interactive lessons, numerous client /situational examples, role playing exercises and assignments that challenged me to practice my new skills.

You are a great teacher and mentor and have a great understanding of the foundations of coaching. You are an exemplary role model of what great coaching is all about and your enthusiasm in mentoring others is a great contribution to new coaches such as myself and to the development of the coaching profession.

Patti Colombo, Personal Coach

Marion's course offered me everything thing I needed to have the confidence, knowledge and will to start coaching. I was ambivalent about all the courses that were being offered because I wasn't sure if I could coach and if the approach of many of the coaching programs was in alignment with what I needed at the time.

I was looking for a course that would offer a: small group setting, focus on personal coaching — looking at the whole individual, an instructor who understood and practiced using the original coaching concepts while incorporating new and innovative principles of coaching as they are relevant and essential.

The cost of the program was also very important to me and without question Marion's course was the most cost effective and biggest bang for my buck. If I had spent thousands on other courses, I don't believe I would have been any better prepared to be a coach.

Hope Surpris, Business and Personal Coach

The course was intriguing, extremely comprehensive, very well planned and paced, offers lots of live coaching experiences (receiving and giving) and opens up the door for many other options and contacts to further develop your coaching expertise. It is absolutely true that after you complete the course you are ready to rock.

I felt as though the price was right and that this program really covers all the aspects of coaching training that you would otherwise need to take lots and lots of other courses to obtain.

Marianne Flanagan, Life Coach and Business Consultant

Compared to other programs I have sampled, yours was very different...It was what I call real time coaching, the combination of describing the process and 'putting names to what we were doing' and then actually coaching real situations progressively using what we learned...the real time coaching is actively participating as a coach and getting immediate feedback about what worked and what we missed which was always helpful. The case studies from your experience were also very instructive showing us the diverse issues clients bring to the call. You created a very safe environment in which to stumble, be clumsy, and get stuck, and I never felt judged.

What has been invaluable is Marion's ability to assist me to see beyond the 'presenting' issue, to navigate the client beyond the obvious and the strategizing. Her approach (which I love) is getting to the core or real bottom line where real, permanent change takes place. I've read many books about coaching but none of them gave me the 'how to' the way you have. Many thanks,

Joyce Gertler, Life Coach

I thought I was a pretty good communicator. Did I ever learn a lot in those teleclasses! 18 months, and dozens of coaching engagements later, and I still vividly recall the power of the exercises Marion introduced in those classes... exercises which I have begun to use in my own training and consulting engagements. Thank you, Marion!

Michael Hamman, Agile coach and organizational development consultant

Life Coach Marion Franklin

I am getting much more out of this course than I thought I would. I wasn't totally convinced that I would "know" how to coach by the end of it, but we are only a few weeks into it, and I have to say I feel like I am on my way! I have already learned more than I ever have anywhere else. It's all starting to fall into place, and I feel so much more comfortable coaching now. I have my first "real client" call tonight, and I am actually looking forward to it instead of dreading it! Great job, Marion. I would recommend this to anyone who really wants to learn how to coach.

Karen Regan

I sooo appreciate all the wonderful guidance and resources — full, comprehensive SERVICE (not just resolving solutions). I really get a lot out of the classes and appreciate your organization and structured format — and give and take — very well balanced.

In addition to skills and coaching conversations, you have consistently fed us with valuable resources — that's what I mean by full, pertinent comprehensive services as a Mentor coach.

You are motivational, and your boundaries, ethics, are consistently appropriate and of the highest order. You exemplify exactly what "clean coaching" is about (Thomas Leonard's expression). Great sense of humor. It shows you really love what you do and your enthusiasm is infectious. This has been a phenomenal learning experience. (You can give my 800 number out and I would be glad to reference your classes.)

Carole L., MSW, Life Coach

Your BECOME a Coach program was an eye-opener. I learned solid skills on being a coach and all the in's and out's of starting a new coaching business… all in a matter of a few months. It is one of the most effective and intensive programs out on the marketplace. The ROI was completely worth it! Thank you, Marion! I owe it to you for giving me a jump start in my coaching and business training. You are the BEST!

Sunny Wu

I took Marion's course 2 years ago, and I still tell everyone it was the smartest thing I ever did as a coach. Marion has many years of experience as a teacher and you can certainly tell. She tells you what you need to hear and in a very gentle way. She is respectful of everyone and uses everything as an opportunity to learn. She has incredible patience and her methods are solid.

I appreciate all her wisdom, guidance, concern, and patience. Her format is great in that we get training and learning through experience. She makes everything look so easy too, and there is nothing like learning from a master.

Jennifer Quade, ACC, Business and Life Coach

Life Coach Marion Franklin

My coaching has improved by leaps and bounds by taking the class. I believe that before taking the class I was doing more of the agenda setting. I now also know how to ask better questions as well as knowing why close ended questions are not good. All the way around I think I am a much better coach as a result of taking the class.

Lisa Carey

Marion is a unique blend of coach/teacher and brings enormous value and experience to this call. An added value is the wonderful coaches she attracts to be part of this group. When I started I wanted to have a solid handle on the certified coach proficiencies. Not only did I come away with this solid foundation, I also gained tremendous confidence in my coaching skills. This would be a wonderful group at any price!

Beth Lyons, Life Coach

Thanks to Marion's smart way of structuring each call to provide practice and supportive feedback, I've been able, in a relatively short time, to expand my range as a coach and to coach more confidently and intuitively. Marion keeps the focus on our coaching and her incisive comments have sharpened my coaching. S. W.


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  • Certified Coach Marion Franklin
  • Certified Coach Marion Franklin
  • Certified Coach Marion Franklin   Certified Coach Marion Franklin