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Understanding Boundaries and Setting Boundaries

Are You Saying Yes When You Really Want to Say No? ––
Are You Putting Yourself Last??

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." Eleanor Roosevelt 

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Boundaries show up everywhere – even in ways we don't expect:
     time, work, relationships, spirit, family, school, friends, etc.

I admit I was a little skeptical. After all, I've been through the whole boundaries and co–dependency counseling thing. At my age, I was sure that my boundaries were in place, secure, and well defended. So imagine my surprise when Marion said one thing, during the first session, that hit me hard. Right in the chest. I'll never be the same – it had that much impact on me. Thank you, Marion.
Diana Lindstrom, PMP, CTACC

This class is appropriate if you – or your clients:

  • Feel taken advantage of and have a hard time standing up for yourself
  • Feel resentment because you agree to do things even when you don't want to
  • Find yourself saying yes to requests far too often
  • Fear confrontational conversations
  • Ignore what is important to you – put other people ahead of you
  • Often feel angry, frustrated, resentful, or restricted


What is the point of understanding boundaries?

Boundaries are the way that we teach people how to treat us. 
They allow us to feel unlimited freedom in relationships. 

Boundaries have nothing to do with right/wrong or good/bad – they are TOTALLY personal.

Instead of setting strong boundaries and enjoying healthy relationships, we create strategies as a way of dealing with people. i.e. Avoidance, isolation, blame, submission, control, etc.

As a result, we create and remain in relationships that are difficult to enjoy and less than desirable.


Why Offer this 2–time Class?

––Because boundaries are THE number one problem underlying coaching conversations and most of our relationships.

––Because I have a great deal of knowledge on this topic, tons of material, and years of experience of helping people resolve struggles within relationships, feel better about themselves, and feel more confident. 

––Because this is an opportunity to learn how to help yourself or your clients feel good about all relationships. 

Your Boundaries seminar was fabulous! It gave me permission to stand up for myself without guilt, and a way to consistently recognize when my boundaries are being crossed. As a coach, I can't wait to use the information from these in–depth sessions to help my clients exercise better self–care too. Thank you, Marion. Bea Gagliardo, Life Coach

This 2 time class addressed: 

  • The Value of Having Healthy Boundaries
  • The Consequences of Weak Boundaries
  • How and When to Set Boundaries
  • Defining Physical and Emotional Boundaries
  • Developing a Plan of Action
  • Dealing with guilt around setting boundaries
  • Ways to Say No
  • Understanding your Rights

If you want to help yourself and your clients feel empowered, get your needs met, feel free in all of your relationships, listen to 3 hours of audio of the classes. 


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