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What Clients Say

Q: How has coaching with Marion made a difference in your life?

(After posing the above question, below you will find responses from clients that experienced being coached by Marion Franklin.)

The biggest benefit of working with Marion is that she addresses 'The Big Picture.' Although I came to her with a single friendship problem, Marion helped me see, and take responsibility, for my role in ALL relationships and in all of my life. She helped me to understand the broader issues at play in my life rather than simply the ones reflected in the difficult friendship. She helped me see the whole and connect the big, important dots that allow a happy life.

"I can honestly say that her insights and encouragement are allowing me to truly LIVE my life, not just 'get by.' I have gained invaluable life skills and self–confidence in my time working with Marion. I kept good notes in a notebook during our coaching sessions and feel that I will have my own, personal self–help manual to use and reflect upon as I move into my future."

M. W.
College Professor

The new approach I am using with my husband (and others) is having a very profound effect. Our relationship kicked up a notch and I think we have both noticed it.

"It's funny, we seem to be having more fun with each other, respect for one another, and more at ease. I didn't even realize it needed to be tweaked so much! "

Karen Regan,
Coach and Massachusetts Newspaper Columnist

"Working with Marion in the last 4 weeks, has allowed me to learn more about myself and the obstacles standing in my way –– in order to live the life I want. With her guidance I've made more positive changes than I did in the 10 years of therapy. She's extraordinary! Thank you Marion."

Alice Glass
Director, Human Resources

"The wonderful combination of wisdom, passion and and good sense of humour is what I enjoyed so much in the coachings with Marion. In the process of the ICF certification, you were a great teacher when it came to sharpening my coaching skills and understanding the process I went through with my clients. You were a great coach when it came to empowering me to acknowledge and use the power and potential I have gained. Thank you so much."

Monika Becht, www.youcan–
You Can Career Counseling Service – Bad Soden, Germany

"I always think of you as my teacher of life. You coached me in so many aspects of my life: my relationship with my husband, my parents, my friends, and many co–workers. Most importantly, you taught me that before I can help anyone else, I need to help myself, and there is nothing selfish about it. You simplified my life by teaching me to focus on what is important to me.

"Within the year, I realized that my unhappiness stemmed from the job that I didn't enjoy and from not knowing what I wanted to do instead. You lead me through the discovery process with encouraging and inspiring weekly sessions. As a result, within a year, I quit my high–paying but useless job, moved to another state, and started studying in the field of my passion. You helped me achieve the great victory: I no longer wait for Fridays to come, and no longer dread Mondays. This is the secret of doing what you love! Thank you for sharing it with me."

Alexis R.
Graduate School Student

"I can honestly say I'm better off today than when we started. So much so, that when faced with financial issues, the prospect of losing my job due to outsourcing and corporate takeover, illness in the family and my own goals, I didn't feel paralyzed. On the contrary, I felt capable of addressing each issue. Whenever I found myself retreating to my familiar but detrimental habits, I considered the consequences of those actions and changed course toward a better solution. You have been particularly useful in helping me work with difficult personality types and offered concrete techniques for dealing with situations.

"You taught me to take action, take control. I learned to start small and keep it manageable. Today, I am still employed and adding value to my company. I am creating connections should I need or want to change jobs. My relationships are supportive not draining. And most importantly, I'm happy."

R.S. – Data Modeler
Corporate MIS Department

"Originally, I was looking for support and guidance to help me transition from the corporate world to an exciting entrepreneurial venture. The key to my success was Marion's focused effort on reducing excess baggage in all aspects of my life and keeping me centered on an evolving plan of action that is always based on continuous improvement. What started out as a career assistance effort, has blossomed into full life coaching and has helped me immensely with my relationship, family matters, and other personal development opportunities."

Peter Z.
Professional Day Trading Coach

"Sometimes I've been my own harshest critic, unable to see options or know what to do. I am grateful and blessed to have worked with Marion, whose style has been ideal for me. She is one of the most supportive and trustworthy people I know.

"When I started working with Marion I felt stuck in many areas of my life, including unrewarding work, and an unfulfilling relationship. From the beginning I found Marion effective in gently helping me find clarity, direction, and the specific action steps so important to transforming my life.

"After working together, I can honestly say that in so many areas I have the life I've dreamed of, a wonderful partner, child, financial independence, community, health and fitness, and Marion played a significant part in this."


"… When I came to Marion, I thought that I had all the answers with regard to my business.She gave me some useful insight on ways of letting go of the past and opening myself up to new opportunities and ideas.

"Letting go of unnecessary paper, clutter, and all the other things I was hoarding, believe it or not, was very difficult for me. Once I did this, I was able to clearly see my goals and objectives which resulted in a winning business proposal and got me back on track of what was important. This thought process changed my life, and I am truly grateful to Marion for directing me onto a healthy road towards success. Thank you Marion for opening my eyes!"

Jacqueline N. Parke
Publisher/Editor–in–Chief, Huddlin' With The Pros!www.

"An internet search on 'Life Coach' led me to a site that had a number of people available as Coaches and your name was among them. My impression was that you, out of all that were on the list, not only had the background, training, and desire to create a comprehensive business/website, but between the words, I got that you have the Heart as well. This is the most important part to me, as training is available in many places and most people can manage to get trained. However, I believe it is a transcendent Heart that is the powerful animating force behind removing the blocks that hide who we really are. I look to touch into that wherever I can, so I signed up for Life's Little Lessons. I am inspired by your work and hope to garner a portion of that inspiration. Thanks so much for your good work."

George W.

"…Marion asked me three or four simple questions that changed my life. I listened to my answers, and wrote down the key words with which I responded. Several days later a light literally when on in my mind, and I was ready to begin a new career path. I am now doing exactly what I love and not even 'working.' I am having fun and plan to be very successful.

"Marion is so insightful. She knew just which questions to ask to cause me to focus on what I truly enjoy in life.

"Thank you, Marion!"

Mel Gutmann, JD, CFP

"… The coaching process has opened up many new possibilities for me… possibilities that already existed but which I failed to see on my own.

"I have been a very shy, insecure, introverted person my entire life. My goal was to feel better about myself and face my social anxieties. After being coached by Marion, I was able to realize that my own self–limiting beliefs were preventing me from having the quality of life I wanted.

"I needed the objectivity, encouragement and understanding of a supportive life coach like Marion to help bring the core of my problems to the surface. This allowed me to explore new ways of confronting the old issues and most importantly, to TAKE ACTION! Marion encouraged me to challenge myself in various social situations. As a result, I am learning to become much more accepting of myself and can actually see positive outcomes already taking place. I am able to involve myself with other people more often, do more activities, see more places, talk more freely and live life more fully.

"With Marion's guidance, my goals are becoming realized and my outlook has improved tremendously…and life is becoming more fulfilling day by day."

Suzanne Q.
Graphic Designer

"… I was introduced to Marion, through my boyfriend, who is one of Marion's coaching clients.I was going through periods of feeling lost and not having any focus at all. I was skeptical at first, but decided to give coaching a try.

Marion was very easy to talk to, and I felt safe to open myself and express all of my feelings. I feel that I have become more positive, and I have also come to realize through the coaching that life can actually be challenging and at the same time fulfilling.

"I highly recommend Marion as a coach for anyone who wants to take that very important next step in their own life."

Kimberly Okner, Esthetician