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Welcome to Coaching

Top Ten Reasons to Try Coaching


Overall Coaching Results:

Spend time doing what you want – and with whom you want as often as possible.
Feel good about your life.

  • Get to where you want to be – faster
  • Have an objective listener offering solid feedback and total support
  • Move beyond obstacles that block you from reaching your goals
  • Design your own plan to create the experiences you want to have
  • Establish your self–value and your value to others
  • Maintain motivation to achieve your goals
  • Learn new paths, new ideas, and new ways to do things
  • Have the freedom to express your thoughts and share your ideas
  • Feel empowered to make changes and live your dream
  • Create and achieve your vision

I am really excited after our call today. A whole world of new possibilities seems to have opened. Thank you again for the powerful coaching! Elli Kalemtzaki, ACC, Veterinary Affairs Manager

Coach provides:

  • presence
  • knowledge and wisdom
  • tools
  • experience
  • structure
  • clarifiers
  • concepts
  • frameworks
  • possibilities
  • solutions


  • is open to possibility
  • is eager to act
  • is excited to learn
  • has courage to experiment
  • has desire to collaborate
  • is able to implement
  • is willing to grow


More About Coaching

We don't think twice about taking care of our bodies.  We are willing to go to the gym, get a personal trainer, and exercise in all kinds of weather at all hours of the day.  We go to great lengths to look good, smell good, dress well.  Yet, why don't we do the same with our minds? After all, a healthy body includes a healthy mind.

An easy, gentle, non–threatening, effective way to take care of our minds is through a process called Coaching.  It's somewhat similar to sports coaching – it supports, guides, questions, motivates, aligns, sets goals, and leads one to feel good about oneself.  The main difference is that it does all those things for the mind.  It allows an individual to figure out which direction and what actions are appropriate so that a person will get exactly what they want.  It has been likened to having a Personal Trainer for the mind.

Through coaching, goals are set, experiences are actualized motivation is examined, and important questions are raised which lead to taking steps (action) towards reaching a desired goal.  It is a way for you to discover what needs must be met and what is necessary for you to fulfill those needs. How often have you said "I'll get to that;" "I should get out of this relationship; ""I should tell my boss how I really feel; ""I should be able to find someone for a relationship."

When we use the word should, the motivation comes from the outside (what you believe others think is correct or right for you–––not necessarily what will actually work for you).  Through Coaching, you can explore ideas, try new ways of doing things, and express yourself in a supportive and guiding environment.

Coaching is about helping you get what you want!

It provides tools to help you discover new opportunities; it gives you solutions while creating "shifts." (Shifts are new viewpoints with the same circumstances.)  By shifting your perspective, you discover new opportunities and solutions which, in turn, create instant change.  The one–on–one relationship with a Coach is about personal excellence.