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  • I care too much about everyone else and give way too much and it's not really appreciated and then I feel resentful. Enough already!
    Click here: Putting Yourself Last?

    Find out how you can start taking care of yourself, feel better about yourself, stop feeling guilty when you don't give, and feel truly appreciated.
  • Are you saying 'yes' when you really mean 'NO'? Learn how to go from doormat to dynamo!
    Click here: Putting Yourself Last?

    Living with regrets, resentment, and guilt is NOT fun! Learn how to say 'no' gracefully and still feel okay about it.
  • My life is okay, just okay – something isn't right with this picture!
    Extreme self-care can lead to completing your life and eliminating that 'missing' feeling. Wouldn't exciting be better than 'okay'? When and why did you start cheating yourself?
  • I just got promoted (or a new job), and I want to live up to my potential from the start. I want to make a good impression and stand out.
    Find out how you can ingratiate yourself into your new role, new department, with a new boss, co–workers, or direct–reports, and really stand out and get recognized for your great contribution.
  • I want to be a great boss that people respect and appreciate. I'm not sure I'm doing as good a job as I would like.
    Find out what it takes to be a great leader – one who empowers and inspires his/her employees or department members so that everyone wants to work for you.
  • No matter how much I plan my time, can't we add more hours to the day?
    Notice how often you actually plan for fun or how often you plan busy work.
  • I've been trying to get my business off the ground, but so far it's not happening.
    Until you discover the underlying reason for your attempts not working, the results will continue to be the same.
  • I'm feeling lonely, would like more friends, and perhaps I'm ready to find a relationship.
    What has you tolerating your own excuses for saying no to invitations?
  • My current relationship is driving me crazy and I'm not sure if I can hang in.
    It's time to look at your standards, requirements, needs, and values.
  • I'm overworked and need to delegate but no one can do it as well as I can.
    Perhaps it's time to learn how to let go of ideas about what I "can or can't" do.
  • I love my work, but it's everything else that's bad – my boss, my co–workers, my office, the food at lunch.
    If you are willing to tolerate their behavior and just continue to complain, things will never change.
  • My business is going well, but there must be a better way to stay on top of things. I feel as though I'm drowning. I need a coach who is organized and knows how to help me feel "ahead of the game."
    Learning how to prioritize your workload, delegate, and basic organizational skills would be helpful.
    What priorities and choices got you into this feeling of 'falling behind'?
  • HELP! I'm "losing it." What does in control feel like?
    What do you see when you observe your life – as if it were someone else's?
  • I know my life isn't okay the way it is, but I have no clue about how to change it.
    Together we can discover what it is you really want and how to get it.