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Top 10 Coach Mistakes

Each mistake contains an explanation and example to help you learn how to avoid it.

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Going for ICF ACC, PCC, or MCC certification? 
or Renewing – ACC, PCC, MCC? 
And/Or just plain serious about becoming a great coach… 

"There's no greater advocate for big dreams than Marion Franklin"

Supervision (Mentoring) for Skills and Technique


Are you committed to masterful coaching? To gliding through certification?

Find out about the most popular but costly mistakes coaches make

Each mistake contains an explanation and example to help you learn how to avoid it.

Your name and e–mail will not be compromised. PERIOD. NOTE: You will NOT be bombarded with follow up e–mails.

Coach with Confidence!


Because I am so passionate about helping coaches become more masterful, I love sharing my knowledge, experience, and wisdom. One of the ways I accomplish this is by mentoring coaches to improve their skill level, gain confidence, and/or feel truly prepared for the ACC, PCC, or MCC certification process. 

Having taught and/or mentored hundreds of coaches, led over 1,000 hours of coach training, evaluated and critiqued more than 900 coaching sessions, (and as a former high school teacher), I've learned how to impart tips, techniques, tools, and skills that will immediately elevate your coaching. My knack for teaching 'how to language' makes a big difference and that isn't taught elsewhere. 

Whether you are going for certification, wanting to improve your confidence and skills, or simply want to renew your ACC, PCC, or MCC credential, I have created several packages so you can choose the one that fits best for your style (and we can always customize depending upon your needs).

"There's no greater advocate for big dreams than Marion Franklin. Her communication is so crisp and clear, and her intuition is profound. She was both teacher and mentor to me as I prepared for my Master Certified Coach (MCC) credential, and I will always be grateful for her support. 

If you want to reach your goals, I recommend adding some brilliance to your pursuit in the form of Marion Franklin." Pat Barone, MCC, Catalyst Coaching LLC

*To date, everyone I have supervised for ACC, PCC, and MCC has passed.

In one call, having listened to my taped recording, you were able to give me such great feedback it changed the way I approached my MCC application. I resubmitted last month and am pleased to say I received my designation so thank you!
Julie Jones, MCC, Advantage Consulting

"I hired Marion Franklin as my mentor coach to review my coaching and provide feedback so I could feel thoroughly prepared for the ICF PCC Oral Examination. Marion meticulously reviewed my coaching, provided detailed feedback on areas of strength, areas where I might improve and provided an overall education on the competencies. My confidence soared after working with Marion.

I really feel Marion was my secret weapon in gliding through the ICF examination process." Tina Elliot, MBA, PCC, (ICF Ethics Independent Review Board) Synergy Coaching

Overall Benefits:

  • Get continuing education units (CCEUs) in Core Competencies 
  • Fulfill the mentoring requirement for ACC, PCC, MCC credential
  • RENEW your ICF ACC, PCC, or MCC –– Core Competencies
  • Improve your coaching skills and techniques
  • Thoroughly understand what is expected of you for the ACC, PCC, MCC credential
  • Feel confident and prepared for the oral examination (and written for PCC, MCC)


You will practice and learn HOW TO

  • Eliminate the unnecessary details and hone in on the real issue. 
  • Begin the conversation so that it avoids the story and begins to move the client. 
  • "Loop" the conversation so that you know where things stand with the client and how much more is needed.
  • Pinpoint the limiting belief that is holding the conflict in place.
  • Stop thinking and have the client do all of the 'work.'
  • Speak directly and lovingly to create awareness on the spot and often automatically design actions.
  • Learn how to make observational statements followed by an appropriate question.

Master Coach Marion Franklin"I experienced the most significant and rapid growth of my career under Marion’s coaching. During our discussions, Marion’s questions highlighted not only my strengths but also the greatest opportunities for growth. Her consistently clear, insightful and honest feedback was always well targeted and aligned to my most important goals for the session.
My time in Marion’s coaching has developed in me the ability to now look at situations through multiple perspectives I had not considered before. It is without hesitation, I recommend Marion Franklin to anyone wanting the opportunity for significant growth as a professional and a person.
"  Karl Yeutter, MS, SPHR, ACC (pending)

Coach Marion Franklin

"Marion was my mentor coach during my professional and executive coaching certification process. She is an outstanding mentor/coach with deep intuition and mastery in direct communication. She states the growth opportunity in a very loving and humorous way that enables great awareness and an instant shift in behavior. She has deep knowledge and rich examples and very generously shares her wisdom, time and example recordings from her own practice. 

Furthermore, she provided me with written scripts of my coaching calls as well as the recording of our mentor sessions that helped me tremendously in retaining the knowledge. I felt so privileged to work with such a magnificent, highly skilled coach, who has so much desire to make a difference. The teaching/mentoring tools Marion utilizes –in my mind– should be the best practices and implemented wherever possible." Tijen Genco, MCC, Business Architect and Master Black Belt Lean/Six Sigma

Life Coaching Group's Coach with Confidence Mentor Practicum has met stringent criteria and isaccredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) . The CCE Units may be used towards ICF certification (ACC, PCC, or MCC) OR towards renewal of any current certification, as well as for supervision requirements. (6 Core Competency credits per 4 sessions) For additional information regarding coaching certification requirements 

Mentoring Options

'Ready to improve your coaching skills?' 
If you are serious about becoming a great coach, 
working towards ICF certification or renewal, 

Select the option that best suits your needs. 

Mentor Group
Maximum of 10

Individual Mentoring*
One–on–One Attention

Certification Prep or Renewal* 

Join the Mentor Practicum Group (6 ICF CEUs for every 4 sessions)
Even if you have taken some coach training or already have certification, this group offers tremendous value towards your becoming more competent and confident while honing skills.


Apply 7 hours of group toward the 10–hour mentoring requirement.

Individual one–on–one mentoring with Marion
Work on your challenge areas; Submit recordings for extensive feedback; Learn tips, tricks, and techniques to immediately improve your coaching, better understand the Competencies, and prepare for the certification process.


Select any number of individual hours of one–on–one mentoring

Combination: Mentor Practicum Group and Individual Mentoring
ICF requires a minimum of 10 mentoring hours over a 3–month period for certification or renewal. 7 of those may be group. A minimum of 3 hours must be individual.

Mentor Practicum

Mentor Group Only

Wednesdays 1–2:30PM or 8:00–9:30PM (Eastern)

$125 per month 

3-MONTH Package: $375 $350

6-MONTH Package: $750 $700

Individual Mentoring Only

$180 per session 
add'l $150 per recording (with transcript) and extensive feedback 



$1750 for 10 individual hours (all inclusive)

Certification Prep or Renewal COMBINATION

$775 for 2 months group
3 individual + optional recording Includes comprehensive feedback and commentary (+ assessment for ACC, PCC, or MCC – if applicable) 


3 payments of $260


N E W:
I will listen to recording and assess your coaching level (WITH TRANSCRIPT PROVIDED): ACC/PCC or MCC $185

OR     Listen and receive extensive feedback and commentary (WITH TRANSCRIPT PROVIDED) = $250
(and assessment for certification submission if appropriate)

OR     Listen and receive extensive feedback and commentary when NO TRANSCRIPT provided = $300
(and assessment for certification submission if appropriate)

LISTEN ONLY (with transcript)

Master Coach Marion Franklin "If you want to get on the fast track to being a great coach, then learning from Marion is your best bet! She can teach you what you need to know in a fraction of the time it would take you elsewhere. I've been a coach for 13 years, and I had the pleasure of being in one of her groups to renew my credentials. I was amazed at how simple yet effective her methods were. Without a doubt, Marion knows her stuff!" 
Kellie deRuyter, PCC, Business Coach for Coaches & Experts Kellie

Master Coach Marion Franklin"Marion, you truly are a master mentor. I like to think I have the intuition and instincts of a good coach but your mentoring showed me how to structure, channel and utilize those talents so that my coaching is elevated to a much more effective level. Your teaching and mentoring sharpened my coaching to the point that the exam was effortless! " (NOTE: Valerie scored at the MCC level.) 
Valerie Liberty, ACC, Weight Loss Coach

Master Coach Marion Franklin "I just received the ICF results for my PCC submission and I PASSED! You held me to high standards in modeling Core Competencies and Code of Ethics. As you coached me to truly understand the PCC markers and their implementation, you were very instrumental in my success. I want to express all my thanks and immense gratitude for your tireless mentoring, support, encouragement, generosity and care. There is no way I could have achieved this milestone without you. You are great. "
Valerie Del-Sol, PCC, Professional Certified Executive & Life Coach Valerie

Mentor Group:

The aim of the ongoing mentor coaching group is to develop both competence and confidence in your role as a coach. The Practicum meets for 1 1/2 hours per week with a small group. You can join in at ANY time and stay for as little as 4 weeks or stay as long as you like. 

The Mentor Group Practicum meets for 90 mins. Wednesdays at 1PM (ET) OR at 8PM (ET) as a weekly mentor coaching group. 
Join for one month at a time (6 ICF CCEU's per 4 sessions).



INCLUDES extensive feedback and teaching throughout; thorough understanding of the Core Competencies and what is expected at the ACC, PCC, and MCC level.

  • You get an opportunity to enhance and practice your coaching skills, theory, and methodology by providing and receiving coaching with each other, as well as discuss situations regarding current coaching clients whether or not it's a buddy coach, pro bono client, or paying client. You will also have the opportunity to ask any questions related to coaching. 
  • Find out how to get out of your own way and REALLY listen in a purposeful and useful manner without getting stuck in the story and caught up in the details. 
  • Participate in an applied coaching experience to deepen your understanding of principles, develop coaching expertise, gain confidence, and feel supported in the development of a coaching practice. 
  • Learn how to handle difficult coaching conversations and think critically about coaching situations. This facilitated small group experience uses participant's clients, case study discussion, and practice coaching with supervision as a basis for deepening the learning and increasing confidence.

Master Coach Marion Franklin""Send your mentor coach roses"
That's a direct quote from my ICF assessor after I completed (and nailed) my ACC oral exam. Marion's vast knowledge of the ICF competencies and the process towards accreditation is a priceless gift for coaches seeking certification and wishing to provide greater value to their clients. Marion prepared me to coach well beyond the ACC level. Thanks to her generosity and commitment to my learning, I will carry these powerful coaching skills with me for life. Hire Marion NOW so that you too can send her roses after you nail your ICF accreditation exam!"
  Ali Jost, ACC, Professional Life and Career Coach

"I don't know if I say enough how much I appreciate having this support for my coaching. It's like a professional self–care session. Denslow Brown, MCC, CPO, CPO–CD,

I've taken other trainings and what Marion is teaching is unique; the methods are simple and most importantly effective. The rating and feedback from my ACC recording was super helpful and a confidence boost to know I am well above average in all areas - thanks to your great teaching.

Master Coach Marion Franklin
Without a second thought I would make this investment again. -- I can’t recommend Marion and her teaching and mentoring enough!

Laura Gmeinder, ACC, Leadership Coach & Business Consultant

Listen to an excerpt from Marion at the end of a Mentor Practicum providing feedback on the coaching while also teaching important points – especially leverage points and true direct communication.

Click to listen here or under the bar to download it. (approx. 10 minutes) 

MP3 File

Master Coach Marion Franklin Marion is the most skilled coaching instructor that I have worked with - particularly her teaching and getting to the bottom line. Using Marion's approaches quickly improved my coaching skills and the impact and results with my clients has been immediate.
Her techniques for getting to the limiting belief and use of direct communication are the most effective that I have encountered. Her straight-forward approach and insistence on working at the highest competency level (MCC) will guide you to the next level with confidence. Marion is a true expert and sage in the coaching field.
Pat Louden, ACC

Master Coach Marion Franklin"Marion is a fantastic mentor coach! Although I have also studied under other coaches, I started with Marion's Laser Coaching course and have stayed with her mentor group for the personal growth it offers me. 

Marion taught me that if I coach well, I can coach anyone or any situation; just bring my full presence , my curiosity , and direct communication. It took me a while to appreciate the simplicity of it; in the beginning I kept wondering about 'tools' that other people kept referring to and worrying that I didn't have these physical tools. With her guidance, I have come to know that I bring the important tools within me––and Marion has taught me how to find them.She is constantly coaching me to stretch to the next level of excellence, while honoring and applauding everything I have accomplished to date. 

There is no question of being prepared for any level of ICF exam, because Marion only teaches you to coach at an MCC level. Passing the ACC was so easy that if I had the coaching hours, I'd be ready to attempt the PCC. When the examiner asked who my mentor coach is, he enthusiastically commented that she is excellent! Thank you, Marion!!!!" 
Bea Gagliardo Brennan, ACC BGB Coaching

Individual Mentoring:

The aim of supervision is to help you develop both competence and confidence and improve your coaching skills and technique. We meet for one hour and you schedule sessions over a minimum 3–month period. Depending upon your expertise and the level of certification you are seeking, you may need more than 3 individual sessions. 


Benefits: INCLUDES extensive feedback and teaching throughout; thorough understanding of the Core Competencies and what is expected at the ACC, PCC, and MCC level.

  • You receive extremely detailed feedback based on your recording. Not just an overview but many literal details, including both strengths and areas for development. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions related to coaching and/or specifically to your clients. 
  • Learn tips and tricks to help you immediately elevate your coaching. 
  • Deepen your understanding of coaching principles and core competencies, gain confidence, develop further coaching expertise, and feel supported in the certification process. 
  • Know what is expected of you for the ACC, PCC, or MCC credentialing exam.
Coach Marion Franklin

"My coaching evaluation with Marion was extremely helpful as I am preparing to take my ICF ACC exam. Marion was very thorough and covered every piece of the coaching conversation showing me what areas were already good and what areas I need to give more attention. 

We covered every competency and she answered all of my questions (and I had many). I gained a lot of information, clarity, and awareness from the 'play by play' analysis of the conversation." 
Nikki Brown, ACC CreateAVisionCoaching


Marion Franklin is a Master Certified Coach (MCC) since 2006 and a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) since 1998. She currently teaches her own unique ICF–approved coach training program, Laser Coach Your Way to Sustainable Success , emphasizing masterful coaching skills and permanent core behavioral changes. She created and facilitates two ongoing weekly group Mentor Practicums, "Coach with Confidence," one of the few supervision groups offering certification preparation/ICF CCEUs.

Marion trained as an ICF Assessor and has taught and/or mentored hundreds of coaches, led over 1,000 hours of coach training, evaluated and critiqued more than 900 coaching sessions, and created and taught the "Getting Started" series at CoachVille from 2002–2003. Marion co–created the Advanced Coach Training andCoachCamps programs with Nina East, IAC–CC (Certifying Examiner for IAC).

"Marion Franklin is an exceptional coach with a wealth of experience and skill needed to support your "end–in–mind" achievements. My personal experience with Marion resulted in passing the ICF coaching board certification exam at the PCC level. Marion used her excellent listening, questioning and direct feedback skills to connect me to the work I needed to do to accomplish my goals. 

Throughout the experience it was evident that she was deeply invested in my success. She is a coach who genuinely cares about the end results of the collaborative efforts that exist between a coach and client. Having worked with others coaches, Marion is one I would love to work with again. It's important to note I met with her one time, took my exam the following week and passed. She's a winner! If you would like to contact me for more details, please do so.E–mail: Portia Hawkins

Read many more unsolicited testimonials:

"You are an incredibly effective teacher! Given that coaching can be such an illusive skill set, teaching others how to capture the essence is difficult. You have broken it down into manageable and understandable pieces, which I really appreciate. As a learner, I need to see the big picture; however, I need to understand all the pieces of the puzzle as well." 
Susan Murell Castaneda, MS, NBCT Equine Alchemy Southwest

"I wish to acknowledge you, Marion, for being a superb coach with a stellar intuitive coaching style. In all four of yesterday's coaching sessions you immediately zoomed in on the client's real topic.  

What a great learning experience yesterday's session was for me! So, I really was in the right place for an experience that provided me with great learning and growth, both as a person and as a coach."  Marie Tapper, Co–Active Coach and Published Researcher, SunWindWater Blog

Marion's Mentor Program is one of kind in its tangible and real value. Marion takes your coaching skill to a new and revolutionary level utilizing her natural inquisitiveness and her authenticity. 

Marion revolutionized my world and was the muse behind the Ready for Happiness Group and the mind shift that had to occur in me to believe owning and building my own business was possible. The longer I stay in this industry, the more I realize how honest and wise you are. Marion will give you the honest truth regardless of what it may cost her personally. She is above reproach in the integrity category, and I highly recommend taking any and all feedback she may have to offer. 
Kathy Brandon, – Ready for Happiness Group 

highly recommend Marion Franklin who specializes in those seeking or renewing ICF certification as I recently needed to renew my PCC status. I found working with Marion to be cost effective and extremely valuable.  

I am honored and pleased to say that working with her in getting those hours met was an unexpected gift for me. What started out as a requirement ended up as a much appreciated skills enhancement refresher. 
Judy Epstein, RN, PCC – Life Enrichment

I just want to say that I am SO THRILLED to be able to re–join this program! I view this program you offer as the coaching version of what Toastmasters provides for speaking.... Practice and invaluable feedback. 
Marjorie Geiser, MBA, RD, NSCA–CPT, Business coach, author, speaker – MEG–

Marion, thank you for including me as a newcomer, for the opportunity to coach, and for your comments. I am still processing everything. 

I appreciate the gracious way you handled everything. You included everyone's comments, and you remained neutral about everything that was said. I liked your upbeat tone and the educational focus.  

My favorite part was the way you checked in with what people were thinking. It is very intriguing to observe the clarity this brought out. What a great group of coaches. We are all blessed! 
Jessie Hipolit, PCC – 

I come away after each group call with a new technique, approach or an idea. The class is dynamite and is of tremendous value. L.B. 


I appreciate all your wisdom, guidance, concern, and patience. Your format is great in that we get training and learning through experience. You make everything look so easy too, and there is nothing like learning from a master. J.Q.


Marion is a unique blend of coach/teacher and brings enormous value and experience to this call. An added value is the wonderful coaches she attracts to be part of this group. Not only did I come away with this solid foundation, I also gained tremendous confidence in my coaching skills. This would be a wonderful group at any price! Beth Lyons – 


Thanks to Marion's smart way of structuring each call to provide practice and supportive feedback, I've been able, in a relatively short time, to expand my range as a coach and to coach more confidently and intuitively. Marion keeps the focus on our coaching and her incisive comments have sharpened my coaching. S.W.


Marion helped us all feel at ease and willing to share our ideas with her easy, graceful way of eliciting comments. I especially loved the 'sidebars' she convened, when she stopped the practice coaching briefly and asked for comments from the observers–but unlike in court, the 'client' heard all of the comments as well and could respond to those that resonated. Marion also wove in many coaching tips and strategies into the session. It was a pleasure to hear good coaching in action. Don Morris – 

So, if you're looking for more confidence and support around your coaching, stretching into masterful coaching by practicing in a safe environment, mentoring (group or individual) will meet your expectations and satisfy certification requirements for supervision and/or credit towards ACC, PCC, MCC certification. 

Be prepared to learn more about handling various client situations, learn some easy tips and tricks to facilitate a permanent change in thinking, and be prepared to have fun! 

The Practicum meets for 90 mins. Wednesdays at 1PM (ET) OR at 8PM (ET) as a weekly mentor coaching group. 

Reserve NOW for a spot! ONLY $125 per month.

Join for one month at a time (6 ICF CCEU's for every 4 sessions).

Mentor Group Only


4–Week Teleclass

23 Practical Solutions and the 'Inside Scoop' on 
How to Start Coaching with Confidence

Just starting out! Need more confidence! Read the testimonials from brand new coaches who have taken this content–rich, insightful 4–session class and create pages of notes that will be immediately useful and become your easy–to–use 'reference manual.' Learn some of the 'secrets' to being successful at establishing rapport, handling difficult situations, how to empower the client, what type of assignments to give (and how much), learn that different clients have very different needs, learn the skill of artful questioning, how to handle client data, etc. If you want clarity and practical, useful tips, techniques, scenarios, examples, AND confidence, then this extremely PRACTICAL program will meet your needs.

If you're not feeling confident, afraid to ask for (more) money, or aren't prepared to handle some 'unexpected' situations, then this program is for you! Here is what fellow coaches are saying about "23 Practical Solutions and the 'Inside Scoop' on How to Start Coaching with Confidence:

"I can't imagine a more valuable class for a beginning coach to take. 23 Practical Solutions covered not only practice management tips but also provided valuable instruction on how to deal with specific coaching situations. I highly recommend this class for anyone that is serious about accelerating their practice growth." Kathleen Cotton, Certified Financial Planner and Lifestyle Transition Coach

"For me, knowing what to expect and how to deal with it in advance relieved a big worry and was immediately useful with my coaching. A fun and truly helpful learning experience from a teacher who knows how we learn. Marion models what she teaches." Steve W.

"I know that for me just starting out, confidence is something I can't get enough of and something that I really came away with from your class. You are sharing from your own personal experiences...that's the 'inside scoop' part, and everything is extremely practical and applicable to anyone getting started." Harriet D.

"If you've learned skills and/or theory, but still don't quite know how to get started, this 'nuts and bolts' course is invaluable. An excellent use of my time and money." Julie White, Speaker and Trainer and contributing author, A Woman's Way to Success in Business

  • Certified Coach Marion Franklin
  • Certified Coach Marion Franklin
  • Certified Coach Marion Franklin
  • Certified Coach Marion Franklin   Certified Coach Marion Franklin