Marion Franklin, Coach Trainer

2014: Another Interview

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Coaching with Marion

Afraid to say no?
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Marion Franklin, Master Coach

The biggest benefit of working with Marion is that she addresses 'The Big Picture.'

Marion helped me see, and take responsibility, for my role in ALL relationships in my life. She helped me see the whole and connect the big, important dots that allow a happy life.

I can honestly say that her insights and encouragement are allowing me to truly LIVE my life, not just 'get by.'

I have gained invaluable life skills and self-confidence in my time working with Marion.
Mary Ward
College Professor

Training with Marion

Masterful coaching secrets
no one tells you

  • ICF Laser Coaching Intensive
  • Gain masterful skills
  • Attain competence
  • Aspiring & Experienced Coaches
Marion Franklin, Master Coach

I have completed three ICF approved coach-training programs all of which taught me ABOUT coaching but this is the only one that even approached teaching me HOW TO coach. It provided double the hands-on practice as well as more feedback than the other two combined.
The small size of the class allows for in-depth discussion and ample room for questions.

The vast amount of information that Marion shares, years of experience and her talent as an instructor were invaluable. There is a generosity of information and time as well as accessibility that is different from many who facilitate rather than instruct.
Elizabeth Coons, ACC, Personal Results Coach for Women

Mentoring with Marion

Attain competence
and confidence

  • Weekly Mentor Practicums
  • Master skills with practice
  • Learn Tips and Tricks
  • Obtain or renew certification
Marion Franklin, Master Coach

If you want to get on the fast track to being a great coach, then learning from Marion is your best bet!

She teaches what you need to know in a fraction of the time it would take you elsewhere.

I was amazed at how simple yet effective her methods are. Without a doubt, Marion knows her stuff!
Business and Marketing Coach
Kellie deRuyter, PCC


Life Coaching Group

Marion is one of those few people who truly has a positive impact on other people’s lives. The lasting impression she makes and the values she helps people define for themselves are her legacy. 
Scottie Redstone, Corporate Executive

I want you to know how much I appreciate the vast practical knowledge and skill you have acquired, and for all that you do and give. You are a treasure, a veritable cornucopia... I’m grateful.  Marianne Weidlein, Empowering Vision


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Interview with Marion

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"Things are pretty good in my world, and I still count on the Marion voice in my head when I'm working through various life issues! You are like the gift that keeps on giving in that regard." Former Client: Laura Hoffman, Corporate Executive