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Strategic Communications for Managers

Cultivate a Coaching Culture


Purpose of the Program

The focus of the Strategic Communications for Managers program, with built–in follow up, is to encourage and teach managers how to inspire and motivate their staff to greater levels of effectiveness and to become proficient in interpersonal relationships.

This is accomplished by offering a coach–like approach and attitude in the work environment which then spills over into all relationships.


Benefits of the Program

Developing people

  • Collaboration leads to increased capability to develop people, talents, and skills... towards innovation and change
  • Open to growth and development
  • Inspire and motivate to boost morale and productivity

Resolving Communication Issues

  • Courage and ability to surface and resolve critical issues
  • Sourcing the real issues, identifying roadblocks to progress
  • Ability to address difficult situations with confidence

Sustain progress

  • On their way to sustaining progress towards goals...
  • Keep people on track
  • Provide support and encouragement


Results of the Program

  • Managers and direct reports are more inspired to create their personal best performance in service to the organization – more effective and efficient
  • Managers are better equipped to deal with conflict because they have the dialog skills to heal poor working relationships and more quickly resolve issues before they become worse.
  • Employee morale is strengthened; they are inspired, motivated, and feel empowered and all of their relationships – cross–functional, professional, and personal are enhanced. Communications are more succinct, have more clarity, and stronger rapport is established.
  • Easier working relationships – allows peers and direct reports to share more authentically without roles getting in the way. Ability to share more openly and honestly.
  • Managers become leaders and redefine how they interact so that everyone's potential is maximized.


Premise and Concept

In the movie, Good Will Hunting, the title character repeatedly experienced the frustration and limitations of his one–dimensional life. Although the main character is well read and knowledgeable about many things, he is incapable of incorporating the teachings into his life. A similar challenge surfaces frequently in businesses today where there are management teams who know what they need to do to be effective, but not how to apply it. They too face frustration and limitations despite their knowledge.

Through a unique program design that includes two day on–site classroom training followed by a series of Mentor Progress teleconferences, participants will learn simple, yet powerful methodologies that will enable them to inspire and motivate their staff to greater levels of effectiveness.

Strategic Communications for Managers is based on a highly experiential coaching program. Created by Life Coach Marion Franklin, the program has been awarded the distinguished Continuing Coach Education Provider designation by the International Coach Federation (ICF).



To inspire and motivate people through extraordinary communication skills

Participants will learn how to:

  • Identify obstacles that interfere with effective listening
  • Expand perspectives and possibilities in communication amongst colleagues
  • Apply coaching techniques that empower and support their staff
  • Diminish distractions created by perceived limitations
  • Identify strategies and defenses that inhibit individual success
  • Identify frameworks of behavior and how they impact our lives
  • Measure coaching effectiveness based on core competencies


Mentor Progress Calls

Following the two–day classroom training, participants' learning is reinforced and expanded through a series of scheduled bi–weekly and monthly teleconferences facilitated by Life Coach Marion Franklin. Participants have an opportunity to discuss challenges and successes with the application of strategic communication techniques within their specific environments. The duration of the 90–minute follow–up calls are conducted over a six–month period. For the first three months, participants will meet bi–weekly, and the latter three months on a monthly basis.


Coach provides:

  • presence
  • knowledge and wisdom
  • tools
  • experience
  • structure
  • clarifiers
  • concepts
  • frameworks
  • possibilities
  • solutions

Managers are:

  • open to possibility
  • eager to act
  • excited to learn
  • have courage to experiment
  • have a desire to collaborate
  • able to implement
  • willing to grow


I thought I was a pretty good communicator. Did I ever learn a lot in those classes! I still vividly recall the power of the exercises Marion introduced in those classes. Thank you, Marion!
Michael Hamman, Agile coach, Organizational Development Consultant


Your real life examples were very strong and well placed. You went through the topics in a very natural progression and were very thorough. You were very generous with your encouragement, and I felt like you truly wanted to see me succeed.
Rebecca Ross


The program is built around an incredibly profound, yet often overlooked question and approach, and that alone had an instant impact on my ability to be a better manager. It gave me a lot of clarity and led to a deeper understanding of what coaching and managing is all about.
Melissa Kreiling, Strategy Coach – TurningPoint Strategies

You have been particularly useful in helping me work with difficult personality types and offered concrete techniques for dealing with professional situations. Marion taught us when and how to take action, take control. We learned to start small and keep it manageable. My relationships are supportive not draining. And most importantly, I'm happy.
R.S. – Data Modeler Corporate MIS Department


Marion's presentations are well organized and professional. From start to finish, she had her plan in place, resulting in a smoothly run training. She allowed time for group participation and activities while remaining focused on the goals and messages and consistently accomplished everything planned. Unlike other trainings I have attended, Marion did not stray from the intended subject. She is able to combine her leadership abilities, strong mind and knowledge with a friendly and enthusiastic personality. She really knows her 'stuff'!
J. Lanza, Manager Blake Electronics


As usual, your effective presentation style enabled participants to feel comfortable. Your ability to cover so much material, so clearly and timely, and to interject serious topics with humor, is most admirable. I have the definite impression that the participants left encouraged and ready to apply what you offered.
L. Rosenbaum, Director WJCS

In two presentations that I've attended where Marion was the facilitator, she engaged the participants by providing pertinent information with a sense of humor. Her style was patient and empathetic allowing the audience to share concerns and triumphs. She was well organized and used creative materials to augment her programs. Her ability to reach diverse groups of people with enthusiasm and substance was important to the success of the training.
L. Paver, MSW, CSW, Director of Programming JCC on the Hudson


Marion is extremely well organized and prepared. No matter what obstacles arise, she was able to address them appropriately and continue the program without losing a beat. I was particularly impressed with her style of handling such a diverse group of people. Marion was very informative and knowledgable and at the same time quite entertaining. She was able to attend to the needs of each participant and she has an uncanny knack of getting full group participation.
R. Guthoff, Manager RSG Consulting, Inc.